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Terms & Conditions

We have created this policy and procedures roadmap so that all Clients/Pet Owners are clear on how to Schedule a Walk, Cancel A Walk, Request Last Minute Services, and all of the other policies and procedures that are vital to the smooth operation of Peace Love Puppies, LLC, safety and exceptional care of your pet(s) and home at all times.


Hiring Peace Love Puppies, LLC means that you have a professional staff of dedicated animal lovers to care for your pet(s). Our Office Manager is responsible for all visits, no matter who provides them. To avoid miscommunication, missed visits, visits not being canceled appropriately, all correspondence needs to come from and to one source; our Office Manager. In our years as professional pet care providers, we have learned that having a consistent route of communication assures, both our Clients and staff, no detail will slip through the cracks.


If you have any questions, as always, please email us at or call us at 864-590-6449. Our administrative hours are Monday-Friday 9am-5pm. Although we always try to respond to our clients as soon as possible, please understand that it may take 24 hours to respond to a message received.



1. Assignment of Professional Dog Walker(s)/Pet Sitter(s)

We will assign a Dog Walker/Pet Sitter to you that lives in your town or near your town. We will also assign a backup Dog Walker/Pet Sitter in the case of an emergency, sickness, or vacation so that we can complete the regular service for you and your animal. We strive for continuity for the benefit of both you, your pet, and our pet care specialist, as it provides a more comfortable visit, walking, or pet sitting experience. All walkers and sitters are subject to background checks and are trained on our pet care standards before they are allowed to take care of a Client’s pet without supervision


2. Scheduling or Cancelling Services
New Clients: Please contact our Office Manager at 864-590-6449 or They will set you up within our pet software system, your personal pet page log-in, schedule your first service and inform you on how to go about doing it yourself going forward, at your own convenience, any time of day or night, 365 days a year.




New and Current Clients:


Please log in to your personal pet page to
- agree to our terms and conditions/policies and procedures
- schedule your daily walks,
- schedule pet sitting services
- cancel walks or pet sitting services
- update pet vaccination information
- update veterinary care information
- update emergency contact information
- communicate/leave instructions for your professional pet care provider
- write down any quirks we need to know about (afraid of big dogs, little dogs, cars, loud noises, etc...) 

- upload a photo of your dog as this is extremely helpful for all walkers

- set-up your payment system


PLEASE NOTE: Our Dog Walkers and Pet Sitters are never allowed to schedule or cancel services for you at any time. You are required to use our pet software or call our Office Manager to do so at all times, without exception.


3. Dog Walker/Pet Sitter Substitutions

When the time comes that your regularly scheduled Dog Walker or Pet Sitter is on vacation, sick, or is no longer working for Peace Love Puppies, you agree that Peace Love Puppies can substitute your regular walker or sitter, with another professional pet care provider from Peace Love Puppies. Please note, we reserve the right to change caretakers for staff vacations, sickness, emergency situations, or termination of employment, with little or no notice. 


4. Pet Vaccinations

For the safety of your dog, other pets, and our walkers/sitters, Peace Love Puppies requires that all of the pets in our care be up to date on their rabies vaccines prior to any service being performed.


5. Pet Sickness or Prior Injury

If you notice that your pet seems under the weather (vomiting, coughing, loose or bloody stools, lethargy, diarrhea or has been diagnosed with a contagious illness), for the safety of your pet and our other Clients, please cancel your scheduled service. If your dog becomes ill while in our care, we will contact you immediately, and then return the dog to your home where it can be more comfortable.


6. Pet Emergency Care

In case of a pet emergency, if we cannot get in touch with you to inform you of your pet’s condition and it is an emergency situation that requires medical attention, we will act on behalf of the dog’s best interest, within reason, at the owner’s expense. We will transport your dog to its primary veterinarian as per our records in the pet software. If your vet is unavailable, or not in close enough proximity, we will take your pet to the nearest animal hospital/emergency care facility. All medical expenses will be the responsibility of the sick/injured pet owner.


7. Mother Nature (Weather)

On days where our ability to provide service is hindered by Mother Nature, in conditions such as sleet, hail, icy roads, blizzards, and hurricanes, please keep in mind that we may need to cancel or adjust walking times and will notify you via phone or email. If the weather is extreme (hot, cold, stormy) we may shorten your pet’s walk to protect both dogs and walkers. Please let us know in advance if your pet has difficulty in any type of weather and would prefer that we spend time with your pet doing something inside other than an outdoor activity. In the event of a city/town declared emergency such as inclement weather, we reserve the right to refuse your service during the declared emergency.


8. Entrance to Your Home (Keys)

We highly recommend using key codes in place of hard copies where applicable. It is strongly discouraged to leave a key under the doormat or to leave the door unlocked. If you choose to utilize other arrangements, all liability of Peace Love Puppies, LLC is negated, as we cannot be certain who is responsible if a door is left unlocked or property is damaged.


9. Clean Dogs/Happy Parents (Towels, Poop Bags)

It is our goal to return your dog as clean as we found them. In order to do so, Peace Love Puppies asks that you provide towels we can use to wipe off your dog when they return home, and also poop bags so that we can make sure to clean up your yard and/or neighborhood. Please indicate in your Client Details Section of your pet page where we can expect to find your “dog appropriate towels” and any other supplies if they are not left out with your leash.


10. Treats

Please provide treats for your walker to give to your pet and indicate in your Client Details Section of your pet page, where we can expect to find them if they are not left out. *Note that most of our dog walkers may supply their own treats as a courtesy - please specify any food allergies/intolerances/rules on your pet page.

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